• All the advantages of ColourFal® with a host of additional benefits
  • Environmentally Friendly – ColourFal Zerø® is created with raw materials from renewable resources
  • Machine Compatibility – It can be used with any Automatic or Manual Tint Machine
  • Lower Downtimes – SmartTint® technology reduces machine maintenance
  • Unparalleled Compatibility – ColourFal Zerø® can be used with both water and solvent based paints
  • Health and Safety – These colourants are Zero VOC, Alkylphenol Ethoxylate (APE) free and free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors
  • Minimized viscosity drop post tinting
  • Unmatched freeze thaw stability and tip dryout resistance
  • A specially formulated colourant line for those requiring glycol based universal colourants
  • No Pigment Settling in container & dispensing unit
  • No Flocculation or Rub Up/Picture Framing
  • Consistent Colour Reproduction
  • Excellent Compatibility with a wide range of binders

ColourFal® Industrial 1044 colourant series is designed with Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether (PM) acetate in an Aldehyde resin vehicle that allows superior wetting and dispersing properties. This enables wide-range compatibility in typical industrial applications.

ColourFal Zerø® 950 colourants are VOC-free high strength aqueous binder-free pigment dispersions manufactured without alkyl phenol ethoxylated (APEO) additives. These aqueous pigment dispersions are compatible across a broad range of water-based and low VOC coatings. Designed for optimal flow and storage characteristics with high prime pigment loading for optimal tint strength.

ColourFal® RapidTint

ColourFal RapidTint is an entry level, low VOC, base paint system ready for tinting and immediate use. It is designed for use in factory tinting, retail stores or point of sale, based on Lorama ColourFal colourant technology.

Our SmartTint technology has a wide range of compatibility across:

Architectural and Decorative


/ Silicate

EIFS, Façade
and Stucco

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Marketing Tools

Marketing is an important component of any colour system. ColourFal ® and ColourFal Zerø ® offer specific merchandising tools that allow for a clean and inviting display of colour.

Display Racks

Designer inspired collection features the full set of 1232 colours from ColourChíc. Spanning from neutrals to the hottest, vibrant trends in the market. The 1.2 meter colour chip display simplifies colour reference with its chromatically organized spread, including a special section for 32 off-whites. Customization is available for top header and back panel.


ColourChíc features 1232 colours ranging from neutrals to vibrants. To simplify colour reference, the six (6) colours per page are arranged chromatically, with the addition of a special section for 32 off-whites.
Fandecks are supplied in quantities of 20 fandecks per box