Our Story


ColourFal® & Lorama Group Inc.

Lorama Group Infographic

Give us an opportunity to show you why manufacturers in over 90 countries have chosen our products.


Colourants are just a part of the system

    • At Lorama Group we seek to add value to every part of a paint and coatings formulation through our specialty chemicals and formulation expertise.

Quality is high priority

  • We strive for unsurpassed cost efficiency and performance with our specialty chemicals and products.
  • High quality pigments, strict quality control measures, and a highly engineered production process ensure that ColourFal®  colourants are the highest quality available on the market.

Greater Understanding

  • Providing solutions takes thought and knowledge.
  • ColourFal® is understanding applied to formulation design.  The result is excellent rheology, and shelf stability.

Full Support

    • Full technical support for base formulation, and colour matching is at your fingertips.
    • Most of our customers trust us to analyze their formulations for opportunities for cost savings, rationalization and improved performance.


If quality, understanding, innovation, dedication and focus on your needs make a difference to you, why settle for anything less than ColourFal® and Lorama Group?


"Lorama Group understands the importance of colour and colour systems to paint sales. We listen to your needs, and the needs of your customers, then provide you with the best colour system on the market - ColourFal®

Whether you desire to keep up with existing colour trends in the market, or start new ones, ColourFal®  universal machine colourants allow you to generate virtually any colour, and help your customers bring their decorative dreams to life."