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Whether moving through the subzero conditions of Canada, the diverse climates of Europe, or by contrast, the extreme heat of Saudi Arabia, only ColourFal Zerø™ sports unmatched freeze thaw stability and dryout resistance. Imagine product in perfect condition from the day it leaves the plant to the day it arrives in your hands!

Check out the amazing results in our comparison video:

Versatility with any machine

Moving from VOC to zero-VOC colourants is easy with ColourFal™ and ColourFal Zerø™. ColourFal Zerø™ is fully compatible with glycol-based ColourFal™ and can be added on top in the canister for immediate low VOC phase-in options. Alternatively, fill an empty canister with ColourFal Zerø™ to have a truly zero-VOC* colourant.

Forget implementation hassles of changing dispensing machines, retrofit humidifier solutions, extensive machine recalibration or cleaning out of canisters; ColourFalZerø™ polarbearis ready to fulfill your VOC-free* needs immediately.

ColourFal Zerø™ with SmartTint™ technology ensures accuratecolour reproduction every time in both manual and automatic tintometric dispensing machines.

*US EPA method 24

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