Breathe EasyMore than just V.O.C. Free!

 Imagine the enhanced compatibility, easy incorporation, and thoughtful design of ColourFal™,
refined into the ultimate eco-friendly universal colourant: ColourFal Zerø™.

Designed for use in volumetric colour dispensing machines for in-store point-of-sale (POS) and volumetric in-plant tinting, these colourants are truly universal and have complete compatibility with waterborne and solventborne architectural, decorative paints.

No Smog

Zero VOC*
Breathe Easy Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) react with sunlight in the atmosphere creating greenhouse gases and smog. Scientists have credited VOCs with rise in global warming and serious air pollution seen in many of the world’s largest cities. We have a responsibility to our planet and future generations to develop sustainable chemistry. ColourFal Zerø™ is the latest product, from Falcon Technologies Inc., that adheres to our company’s sustainability principle to improve social conditions, without negatively impacting our environment. So breathe easy knowing the full spectrum of colour is attainable in an environmentally friendly package.


No DripSmartTint™ Technology

SmartTint™ is a revolutionary technology that utilizes patented chemistry to improve flow and eliminate dry out, preventing blockage and dripping from the nozzle of colourant dispensing machines. It uses environmentally friendly products that contain no VOC*’s or harmful chemicals, yet provide maximum compatibility and cost efficiency.

By eliminating drying out at the nozzle and dripping after tinting, ColourFal Zerø™ with SmartTint™ technology ensures accurate colour reproduction every time in both manual and automatic tintometric dispensing machines.

Put simply, ColourFal Zerø™ is smart enough to flow and stop on demand in any tintometric machine.


APE FreeAPE Free

When it comes to VOC-free* tints and colourants, removing one harmful toxin often means replacing it with another. ColourFal Zerø™ was developed without the use of raw materials that threaten our environment, including formaldehyde & formaldehyde-donors, ethylene glycol, and alkylphenol ethoxylates (APE).

In addition, ColourFal Zerø™ is specially formulated to eliminate drying at the nozzle, and spraying or dripping out of the machines.


saveCost Efficiency

Think about how much effort is required to lower the piston when dispensing regular colourants. In manual machines, this extra effort increases the downward force and over time will lead to unnecessary wear of the piston and damage to the dispensing mechanism.  In modern automatic machines significant damage can occur to the pump mechanism.

The wear and damage caused by the added force is an unnecessary cost in dispensing machine maintenance.  The down time required to repair and re-calibrate dispensing machines severely hampers the efficiency and profitability of a colour system.

Through SmartTint Technology, ColourFal Zerø™ provides added value for long-term use of VOC-free* colourants in dispensing machines.

*US EPA method 24

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