The Birth of Something SpecialThe Enthusiasm of the ColourFal Zerø™ launch has reached a fevered pitch. It is truly a wonderful time for our company. The hard work that everyone in the Technology group has put forth for this product has been substantial, and because of it we excited to say that we have the best zero VOC* universal colourant on the market.

The design of ColourFal Zerø™ builds upon conventional VOC free* technologies and refines them using innovative chemistry. We call this technology SmartTint™.

SmartTint™ Technology is a revolutionary technology that utilizes patented chemistry to prevent blockage and excess dripping from the nozzle of colourant dispensing machines. It uses environmentally friendly products that contain no VOC’s or harmful chemicals, yet provide maximum compatibility and cost efficiency.


The end result allows us to reproduce any colour VOC-free*, and achieve excellent compatibility in a wide range of binder systems for water-based and solvent-based decorative paints and stains. The best part is that with ColourFal Zerø™ paint manufacturers can continue to use their existing dispensing equipment manual or automatic.

No other manufacturer has provided all those benefits in one environmentally friendly package. The only piece missing from this package is that we are not tinting machine suppliers. However, we do have a recommendation for the best, most robust, low maintenance and durable machines: HERO Group's Colourant Dispensers.

Put simply, ColourFal Zerø™ is just designed better.

The Strengthof ColourFal™ products is their generation of clean colours accurately, with excellent dispensability and compatibility. Our brand style presents colours in a way that is fresh, fun, and professional.

It is our belief though, that the true strength of the ColourFal™ brand is the people of Lorama Group Inc. In fact, it is our belief that no other product we offer reflects the diversity of this company than ColourFal™.

It has been said that Lorama Group Inc. is like the United Nations: we have employees from all over the world, and as a result there is strong ethnic diversity throughout the company. By nature our organization has to be more open-minded and innovative just to make relationships work around the office, how much more can that help us in the laboratory providing solutions? Our expertise in thinking outside the box should be celebrated, and as products pass through development and enter into the market we should take comfort to know that knowledgeable, hard-working people who care have ensured that everything possible has been done to set the product up for success. It should come as no surprise that people in the paint industry have raved about ColourFal’s quality.

Zerø will be no different.

*US EPA method 24